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General Terms of Business, Status July 23,2007

  1. Scope and General
    The following General Terms of Business(GTB) prevail for the use of the partner program at Contentworld.com. Contentworld.com is made available from the company ACCOMM GmbH & Co. KG, Raesfelder Straße 12, 46325 Borken,Germany (in succession Contentworld.com). Through the use and usage of the presented and available content from Contentworld.com, and services and offers prevail as conditions that are agreed upon and binding.

  2. Das Contentworld.com - Partner program
    Contentworld.com offers their partners/cooperation partners (Webmasters) a so called "Partner program", with this help from the Webmaster; members and new members ,e.g.can mediate new customers forContentworld.com. For each mediation and that the new customer shows a concrete interest with their data in Contentworld.com and the new customer confirms this information, then you will receive a set commission. For the resulting purchase of an article, that a newly mediated member has purchased at Contentworld.com, then the Webmaster will pay a mediation commission (Pay-per-Sale).

    An article sold counts as a mediation, when the member(customer) has paid and the transaction has been successfully completed.

    Contentworld.com is obliged to confirm the commission as long as there are no grounds that the person,i.e the presented customer is hindering the acceptance of turnover or making it impossible. This holds true for the presented commission percent on the internet page of Contentworld.com. Changes in the percent of commission remains reserved to Contentworld.com.

    The classification of a newly mediated member/customer to the corresponding Webmaster follows via a tracking method, which is combined out of the ID-number of the Webmaster(ID) ,and with a one off calling up of the individual corresponding URL and in connection with a so called cookie stored permanently on the corresponding storage medium of the member/customer.

    Not allowed is the compulsion registration from the side of the Webmaster, as well as all dishonesty against the laws and good moral laws that violate the advertising measures of the Webmaster. Through the number of commission expenditures by the Webmaster are then not settled.The Webmaster is soley responsible for their own advertising measures and the cost that are incured from the advertising measures.

  3. Attainability of offers from Contentworld.com
    The offers on Contentworld.com are available at any time to visitors. Contentworld.com has the right to limit the attainability for a short period of time,e.g.for technical reasons(servicing and maintenance). At the same time it could be that there is a proccessing load/problem with the system, that could cause a temporary breakdown of the website. And based on these given reasons you have no right(s) to make a claim against Contentworld.com

  4. Changes and Adjustments to the services on offer
    Contentworld.com has the sole rights and can change its offers at any time or limit, or end them. This hold explicitly true for the " Partner program" that is available on Contentworld.com ,too. And this too can be ended with out any previously given notice.

  5. Scope of usage on Contentworld.com & Partner(s) scope of usage
    The Webmaster can only use the presented advertising material content presented by Contentworld.com,that was present for that use only. Your own created advertising material can only be use when you have a previously written agreement from Contentworld.com and then and only then can the material be used.

    If the Webmaster should violate the scope of usage that is available to him/her, then Contentworld.com has the authority to expel the Webmaster with out reason or previous notification. At the same time Contentworld.com can when a legal precondition exists can file a claim for damages.

    Within the frame work of the claim for damages,the Webmaster is obliged to exempt Contentworld.com from such claims for dameages/legal calims. At the same time the Webmaster is obliged to deliver to Contentworld.com , that it(Contentworld.com) is from claims of damages/legal claims cause by aquiring improper/illegal usage of the contents. The respective claim for a commission payment will be completely non-applicable.

  6. Obligations and Rights of the Webmaster
    1. Registration
      The Webmaster is obliged, when registering for the "Partner program" to fill out the registration form completely and truthfully. At the same time a valid e-mail address of the Webmaster must be given and then a confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent out containing a confirmation link. Then firstly when the link is clicked on and confirmed is your registration finalised.

    2. Bank data
      The Webmaster is obliged to enter in their personal login area their correct and German banking data, and then and only then can a commission payment be guaranteed. Money transfered to other countries or those that incur a fee for the money transfer will be paid for in full by the Webmaster.

    3. Changes
      Changes that the Webmaster has within his/her period of membership,i.e. contact,address or bank data changes,and therefore the Webmaster is obliged to notify Contentworld.com in a timely fashion.

    4. Contracts with Contentworld.com
      The contract between Contentworld.com and the Webmaster comes into existence by the Webmaster truthfully filling out the registration form and then confirming the information through the activation link sent out by Contentworld.com in an e-mail( given e-mail address of Webmaster), and accepting the GTB's.

    5. Advertising
      The sending out of unwanted e-mails-ads/e-mails containing ads with advertisments for Contentworld.com on unknown persons is explicitly not alllowed,e.g. forbidden. Also forbidden is unwanted ads in forums or news groups. The Webmaster is solely responsible for advertisments and the costs that are incured through them(advertisments), and any other costs associated with advertising.

    6. Claim for damages
      Contentworld.com holds the right to assert their own damages and exempt from the claims of a third party through the Webmaster in the case of illegal advertising.

  7. Obligation and rights of Contentworld.com
    1. Enabling
      Contentworld.com is obliged to send to the Webmaster after successful completion and acceptance of the GTB's through the confirmation link and the entry data for the membeship area.

    2. Advertising material
      Contentworld.com is obliged to the Webmaster to provide the correct advertising material needed for customer advertising.

    3. Changes
      Contentworld.com is obliged to the Webmaster to provide the possibility to change his/her data that has been entered into the system.

    4. Payment
      Contentworld.com is obilged the confirmed commission that belongs to the Webmaster be paid by the 20th of the following month into a German Giro account or to a Paypal-account of the partner.

  8. Liability
    Contentworld.com is not liable for faults in the quality of your internet connection and the respective data transfer on the internet cause by acts of god, and or reasons from events through the respective cooperations partner that could occur.

    Likewise, Contentworld.com guarentees the common technical standard for transfering the contents and internet page. However a condition on Contentworld.com is that the Webmaster/member is aware of the technical state and no program is free of faults.

    Contentworld.com is only liable in the case of ,e.g. gross negligence of cardinal obligations, of health and of body. A liability in the case of a minor negligence and negligence is completely out of the question, and this holds true for the liability of the employee,extra help and representatives from Contentworld.com.

  9. Copyrights
    The presented trade marks belong to the provider and are their own, even when not explicitly mentioned. The respective copyright holders keep the complete copyrights, reproduction in other electronic and/ or printed publication is explicitly without permission from Contentworld.com not allowed. Through the use of the shown trade marks and copyrights by a Webmaster who for the possible legal claim of the third party is therefore liable that was carried on to Contentworld.com. The Webmaster is not allowed to change or get rid of the presented copyright evidence / or other information dealing with offers and content.

  10. Data protection / use of data
    Contentworld.com stores all presented data from the Webmaster and the system specific data, e.g.his/her IP-address, the registration date with the respective stamped time,etc...

    Contentworld.com uses so called cookies that contain information that is stored on the Webmasters/members storage medium.

    The Webmaste explicitly herewith, that his/her data can be passed on to third parties and used for market research and product information. The Webmaster/member can at any time present in a written form to Contentworld.com that they(Webmaster/member) do not want their data passed on to third parties. This revocation can be done and sent either by e-mail (datenschutz@contentworld.com) or via the post (ACCOMM GmbH & Co. KG, Raesfelder Straße 12, 46325 Borken,Germany). Contentworld.com is obliged and allowed to view the Webmaster/member data at any time; hereby you should contact: datenschutz@Contentworld.com

    The rules for data protection are abided by at Contentworld.com , as well as that Contentworld.com guarentees that all persons that deal with the processing of members/Webmasters have to abide by the rules and regulations,too. The data presented by members/Webmasters is handled according to the German Data Protection Act and other data protection provisions are imposed, reworked and used.

  11. Conclusive provisions
    As soon as a provision of this GTB is invalid; the other provisions still remain valid. With invalid provisions that are replaced with in the meaning and use of the invalid agreement in the legal sense,and that will come next in an economic sense. The same holds true for gaps in the provisons.

    Contentworld.com has the exclusive right to change the GTB's at any time with out giving any previous notice. The changes in the terms will be sent to the Webmaster/member vis e-mail two weeks before they take into effect. Objection by the Webmaster/member that are not made within the two week period after receiving the new GTB's;then the new GTB's will be valid and agreed upon. Contentworld.com will point out in the e-mail to the respective Webmaster/member, which terms are refrained and seperately point out the deadline of two weeks.

    For business people as well as legal representatives the public rights are valid in the place and place of jurisdiction from this contract is the city of Borken (North Rhine-Westphalia),Germany.

    In the imprint further information regarding the legal representative can be found.